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Meet the
Team of COTR

Catcher on the Rhein is an international student-led initiative that publishes a printed and digital Winter and Summer Issue independent from any university administration.

Our mission is to provide the latest updates on campus life of Rhine Waal University of Applied Sciences, as well as lifestyle, news, culture and opinion pieces. 


We strive to hold ourselves to a professional journalistic standard. We at COTR feel that we have a responsibility to produce works without bias and without misinformation. As an important part of democracy, news organizations should prevent the spread of fake news and promote the values of neutrality, truth, and integrity. Though we are still students, we take up that charge with honor.


How can I submit to COTR magazine?

COTR magazine welcomes submissions from creative students of HSRW. We're looking for people that have a fresh perspective and a compelling story to share, and we're especially excited to support new voices. Reading COTR is the greatest way to get a sense of the magazine's content. You can find the latest issue here.

Do you accept Visual Art Submissions?

If you’d like to contribute art to COTR, please send us a message at with your idea and/or a PDF of your work. 

In what way can I contribute to COTR if I don't want to write?

COTR offers a space for writers and other creative minds to work side-by-side to bring the magazine alive. We are always looking for passionate photographers, social media experts, artsy illustrators, critical editors, talented organisers, and creative event planners. If you want to contribute to COTR or prefer to assist the team, let us know at

How can I become a member of COTR?

Members of COTR are part of a community that believes new writers are essential to our cultural dialogue. Our shared love of journalism and getting creative binds us together. We connect with people in and out of university, as well as with emerging voices on and off the page. If you like writing or want to dip your pen into our world, you should join COTR because you'll learn about journalism, editing, creating and the art of publishing from those who are part of the magazine, as well as make new connections with other students. Send us a message at and let us know who you are or join our first  COTR meeting at the beginning of each semester as announced on Instagram and Facebook

How often do you publish COTR magazine? 

COTR is published in full-colour in print and online and is available biannual in Winter (February) and Summer (August). You can read the digital Summer Issue 2021 here. Printed copies are available in the university both in Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort.

Is it possible to contribute to COTR if I have never written an article before? 

We launched COTR because we wanted to report about what is happening around us, and give a platform to HSRW students to express themselves. Our aim is to inform and inspire readers, and to introduce new talents to the world of journalism. Follow us on Social Media to be the first to know when we host writing workshops to learn the craft of journalistic writing.

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