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A Breaking News Column “The StuPa Storm"- Election Controversy Sparks Campus Uproar


Kleve, 26 July 2023. Picture this: you're scrolling through your emails when news drops like a bomb. Within the sacred domain of our Student Parliament (StuPa), a controversy is on fire and heating up the campus.

The eye of this storm? An election that's kicked up more dust than the average student's laundry pile. Allegations of bylaw violations, a smokescreen of non-transparency, and a tumble through the rabbit hole of bypassed democratic processes have ignited the spark. This scandal, out in the open thanks to a bombshell letter from AStA Chair, Ludger Oelck, revolves around the election of not one but two key figures in the StuPa – with the rules of the game seemingly changed on the fly.

Check your inbox to read the full mail

Our StuPa's current captains, Muhammad Azaan Idrees, and Hamza Ijaz, are being called out for allegedly bending the voting rules. The main gripe? Votes were counted even from members who didn't make the meeting. That's like having the power to influence the playlist at a party you didn't even attend.

StuPa Meeting May 2023

Despite objections that stretched longer than a Netflix binge-watch, it didn't stop the election of a new Deputy President. Critics argue this wasn't just bending the rules but a break from the game's laws.

Adding more fuel to the fire, our StuPa leaders are also facing heat for slacking their paper duties, like releasing the meeting minutes. Imagine waiting eight months for your favourite show's season finale – that's how long the student body was left hanging for these crucial documents. It's a delay seen as a significant failure in transparency and administrative responsibilities.

Ludger Oelck encourages everyone to reach out to your AStA representatives or go straight to the top to express concerns and demand the accountability you deserve. His message is clear: together, we must defend our democratic processes and stand firm.

The StuPa storm continues, making waves across the campus community. Amid the chaos, let's remember what we're playing for: transparency and the democratic principles that our education and society are built on.

While COTR waits for the official statements from each side, it's crucial that students keep tabs on this developing story. Raise your voices, ask the tough questions, and ensure our democratic machinery works as it should.

Whether you're a StuPa member or an interested student, we want to hear from you. Got any insights or statements about how this is going down? Contact us via or slide into our DMs on social media.

We now face a tricky game of political chess, where each move determines the integrity of our student governance. The question remains: will we let the game be played in the dark, or will we illuminate the board and ensure fair play? Only our collective voice and action can dictate the outcome.

On a personal note: Speaking of accuracy, the HSRW StuPa website needs some updating.

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tbh this is like dress up politics, like cos play... so no surprises about what's happening..

Replying to

While it may seem like a game of dress up, it's always important to remember that these student bodies are a training ground for future leadership and it's necessary we keep them accountable. After all, today's cosplay could be tomorrow's real play - in politics and beyond! 😉

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