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Submitting Articles

At COTR we want to make the process of submitting your article as simple as possible. Please carefully follow our step-by-step process, completing each step before progressing to the next.

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Winter Issue 2023/24






Step 1: Before you submit

There are several important things you need to know and understand before you begin the submission process. From checking that your article is relevant to our magazine, to preparing your draft by using the right format, you will find it in the section below.

Step 2: Ready to submit

Completing our submission checklist before submitting your article will help ensure that you have done everything you need to do and help to prevent delays during the editing process.

Step 3: Post-publication

Once your article is in the magazine, we will publish the new issue biannually in Summer (September) and Winter (March) both digital and as a printed copy. All writers get a free copy, and are always welcome to submit more articles in upcoming issues.

Submission Guidelines

Before submitting an article, please email the Editor-in-Chief, Naike,, with a brief pitch (no more than 150 words) in English of the proposed article. You will then be informed whether or not the proposal is suitable for consideration by the magazine.

If possible, articles should be in English, but submissions in the main European languages are accepted. If the latter is the case, the editing team and you will both translate and review your work.

The magazine’s preferred length for in-depth articles is around 800 words; articles longer than 1,000 words are rare. The submission of shorter articles, which should be no longer than 600 words, is encouraged. These word lengths do not include footnotes, which should be as few as possible and consist of references only.

We recommend writers ask themselves the following questions before pitching or submitting their articles. It isn’t necessary to include them in your pitch, but we find it’s a good way to help us understand how your piece best fits in our magazine's topics:

  • How specifically will this story idea help our readers become more informed? What takeaway will it provide?

  • Why is this particular idea timely or relevant?

  • Why are you the perfect person to write this piece?

  • In which featured COTR topic does your article fit in? 

The COTR topics are: 

  • News: National or international (breaking-)news

  • Lifestyle: Fashion. Food. Recipes. Love & sex. Health & fitness. Home & garden. Gender. Travel. Money.

  • Culture: Books. Music. TV. Art & design. Film. Games. Classical. Theater. Museum. Poetry.

  • Opinion: The COTR/Writers view. Columnists. Letters.

  • University: HSRW. Students. Professors. Campus. Study Courses. Projects. Faculties. Groups. Organisations. Events. Student Life.

Please add the relevant topic to your article! 

Articles should be submitted as Word documents (not pdfs) as attachments to an email, which should be sent to If you want to add illustrations with your article, please attach them to the email and list their sources.

All articles that we accept to feature in the magazine will be proof-read by our editors. This process can take up to 4 weeks during the editing time. If changes have to be made or open questions arise, one of the editors will contact you. 

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