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Continuing Ripples in StuPa: The StuPa Storm Intensifies as Ludger Speaks Out


Kleve, 28 July 2023. If you are still reeling from Wednesday's explosive report of “The StuPa Storm,“ hold on to your hats because the wheels are still in motion. The Student Parliament (StuPa) hasn't seen this much action since...well, never! Welcome to the gripping sequel of the controversial election saga that's got the campus buzzing louder than your latest TikTok video.

Let's dive into the political whirlpool of this semester’s most talked-about drama. If you've been out of the loop, here's the scoop. Muhammad Azaan Idrees and Hamza Ijaz, the central figures of StuPa, are still under fire for reportedly twisting the election rules. Votes were counted from members who didn't attend the meeting, which has raised several eyebrows.

StuPa Meeting back in May 2023

Enter Ludger Oelck, the AStA Chairman and HSRW’s whistle-blower. Our exclusive COTR conversation revealed that his decision to put the drama center stage via an open letter wasn't a group AStA move but a lone effort. It was a call that Ludger felt was necessary but not agreed upon. The game? Rallying student power, advocating for transparency, and preserving democratic rights.

Ludger Oelck cast a critical eye on current affairs, pinpointing a major disconnect between students and the voting process – a gap larger than your favorite ripped jeans. "Everyone felt powerless because we didn't know what to do," he confessed. While there was some prior knowledge of the upcoming AStA chair election, StuPa's presidency failed to inform about crucial changes in scheduling adequately. "It was wild, like a wild west in a plenary session. That's something that I've never seen before," he reflected.

Ludger is open for dialogue

His solution? For the presidency to admit their mistake and declare the election invalid, affirming they've committed an error. Ludger’s open for dialogue because he gets it - everyone fumbles at times. He emphasizes the need for greater transparency, proactive leadership, and a focus on administrative over political tasks. “I just want a fair and square election.”

However, Ludger's efforts go beyond confronting the presidency. He's urging the student body to be more proactive. Oelck continues, "There's a lot of motivated members in StuPa, but I do believe that we need more... of the students actually approaching their representatives, explaining what is going wrong at this university." It's a firm reminder that the power of change lies within us – the students who are the heart of this university.

As for our StuPa headliners? They've surely got more on their plates than just their Spotify playlists. They're occupying the center stage of a symphony badly in need of some fine-tuning. From ignoring their paper responsibilities, like the timely release of meeting minutes, to bending voting rules, these leaders are performing a high-risk ballet routine.

How long will the silence continue?

And where are Idrees and Ijaz in all of this? Despite the allegations and rising disenchantment among the student body, the current StuPa leaders have preferred not to comment on COTR, effectively dropping the mic. Doubts are growing about their capacity to lead, listen, and connect– the qualities students have voted for.

Wishing to see change, Ludger encourages students to voice their concerns by emailing their representatives and the presidency. A collective display of objection, he believes, could put enough heat on the StuPa administration to cause them to rethink their actions, saying, “If all of a sudden 50 or a hundred students are sending emails...we need to stand together”. He champions democratic principles and is pushing for collective action to protect them.

His message is crystal clear: transparency and democracy are much more significant than any juicy political scandal. They are the backbone of our society and education system and should never be compromised.

Ludger's message is crystal clear

How can we contribute? First off, Ludger encourages us to be informed. Probe. Examine. Cast a critical eye on what transpires at the university, especially in the current StuPa situation—question and demand transparency. And most importantly, let’s communicate.

This isn’t a Ludger versus StuPa showdown; it’s a call for everyone to uphold the principles of democracy, transparency, and accountability that underpin our academic lives.

Your voice matters, whether directly tied to StuPa or a concerned spectator. If you've got hot takes or unique insights to dish up, don't keep them to yourself. Hit us up at, slide into our DMs on social media, or spill your thoughts in the comments below.

Student apathy towards the ongoing scandal is as edgy as last season's fashion trends. We cannot afford to keep our heads in the sand, hoping the problem will solve itself. Despite the unusual summer heat, political temperatures are hotter at StuPa and even hotter than your crush. They show no signs of cooling down. It is your university, your voice, your story.

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