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Letter from the Editor: Promise to Students

Last Thursday, Catcher on the Rhein (COTR) launched its first news story. We started the newspaper to share HSRW university life with HSRW students, the local public and beyond.

If we can publish one 12-page newsmag (Newspaper/Magazine) this semester with university news content written in both German and English (with English being the official language), maintain COTR ethics and print 400 copies (to share with Kleve/KaLi), we will have accomplished our first set goal.

As word spread of a campus newspaper, interest grew quickly among students. The COTR introduction meeting hosted nearly 40 students. At the meeting, we discussed commitment to write, edit, design and administrate digital news, periodically, and a university newsmag, once a semester.

Since COTR is two-weeks-old, frugal, small, committed, willing, able and expanding, we can sometimes move too quick, and our coverage may have mistakes. Our duty after errors are published is to publicly address mistakes so that our community continues to trust the free press for information.

Although COTR is an infant, it must provide reliable news. We acknowledge and appreciate reader comments regarding errors. COTR maintains that it will address all found factual errors in stories. At the bottom of a story containing factual errors, a correction will be noted.

Engaged students want factual, well-written stories. They advocate for and deserve clear, accurate information. To serve all students, and to stay true to students and press freedom, COTR refers to its ethics document, which states that COTR strives to inform students through ethically published content within the framework of HSRW University Policy, the German Constitution, and constitutional laws, and to maintain the standing of the Press and the freedom of the Press.

Next Steps: A Growing Student Lead News Organization

This newspaper should continue through generations of HSRW students. Any current HSRW student can join the COTR news team.

Quality support from the university ensures a COTR future. Thus, we are committed to gaining that support. COTR should establish solid mentorship from university and community leaders in order to build and maintain a sustained support system for a quality and lasting university news organization.

Our next meeting will take place in Kleve on Wednesday 16 May at 15:00 @ 09 01 Lounge (location subject to change). Anyone who wants to join a team working on some of the following topics is appreciated and welcome. Please help us expand a true student voice. Join Catcher on the Rhein.

Join the Team: COTR Working Group/Topics

· Front Page

· Campus Life

· Sports

· Opinions/Editorials, Public Responses, Letter from editor

· Columns: Travel, Experimental, Poetry, Academia, etc….

· Administration: Seek Resources, Contact vendors,

· Photographers, Digital and Print Designers

· Writers, Editors

· Social Media management

· All German and English speakers welcome

— Editorial Team

Catcher on the Rhein Newspaper

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