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StuPa Strikes Back: A Storm of Transparency, Turmoil, and Triumph


Pull up a chair, fellow students, because the Student Parliament (StuPa) has finally decided to break the silence and dish out their side of the story.

Remember when our AStA Chair made spicy allegations, stirring the pot about the legitimacy of our StuPa's voting procedures and appointments? Well, the folks at StuPa ain't here to sip tea. They are serving some hot rebuttals!

StuPa is asking (in our own words), "Hey, didn't we use the same process that put you, Mr. AStA Chair, in the position you're in?" Then they're like, "If this procedure is so messed up, why didn't you say something sooner?" And they aren't stopping there. StuPa emphasizes that they uphold the laws and strongly believe no one is above or beyond them. They raise eyebrows about the timing of the AStA Chair’s allegations and question why he didn't follow the standard appeal process after the election results were announced. This leads to potential accusations of bypassing the law or misuse of authority.

In their public statement from July 30, 2023, StuPa flexed their commitment to being transparent and lawful. They shared how they've dealt with all of AStA's motions and even pointed out some questionable incidents from the AStA Chair's time in office.

StuPa's open letter published on Instagram

Talk about a plot twist! They also exposed the AStA Board for potentially breaking the statutes of the student body, which is currently under investigation. After deliberation by the Budget Committee, the AStA Chair continues challenging the Committee's recommendations.

StuPa is done being silent

Remember the drama about the AStA Chair resigning in May 2023 due to law violation allegations? StuPa hasn't forgotten either. They reminded that not one but three allegations were made against the AStA Chair. These include an already proven violation where the Chair openly apologized and was accepted by the parliament in good faith. The second violation is still under investigation, and a third allegation has surfaced, which is also currently under examination.

StuPa is all about transparency, even with the delays in releasing meeting minutes. They assert that most meetings have accurate minutes recorded, which will soon be released. They're like (in our own words), "Look, we're on it, we've acknowledged the issue, and we're even considering paying our minute keepers. Hang in there, people!"

The StuPa presidency is also calling out inappropriate behavior from the AStA Chair. They are disappointed with the personal insults hurled at them in the Chair’s open letter from last week. This misconduct not only goes against the principles of respect and decency but also violates the RoP's §29, which explicitly discourages offensive language and personal attacks against members.

AStA Chair's open letter from 26 July 2023

StuPa's stance on privacy is as solid as ever: they march to the beat that they've always respected everyone's privacy and expect the same back. But instead, they've been on the receiving end of some nasty remarks that reek of racial bias. This raises a red flag - is this another violation of laws by the AStA Chair?

StuPa is keen to ensure that such privacy infringement doesn't deter students from seeking office in the future. They state they will take stringent measures against this behavior, emphasizing that no one should feel discouraged or demotivated due to a fear of their privacy being invaded amidst professional disputes. This serves as a reminder that respect, professionalism, and the upholding of laws should remain at the forefront of student politics.

StuPa Meeting back in May 2023

Then, they drop the mic, reminding students of their dedication to the students and the rules. StuPa will only let election results for the Second Vice Presidency out once the mess is cleaned up. They're currently arranging a meeting with the AStA Chair to discuss these issues before the Bylaws committee and the legal department of HSRW step in for further clarification of meeting procedures.

StuPa's statement is like a beacon of hope, a reassurance amidst the drama that student governance is doing its job and taking it seriously. They're sticking to the rule book and won’t brush any violations under the rug.

In a call to action, StuPa asks the students to stay engaged, watch what's happening, and attend meetings. They're encouraging students to reach out with queries to their e-mail

What do we learn from all this? The StuPa folks are out here, holding it down amidst the storm and working to ensure the student governance machinery at HSRW runs smoothly and fairly. This is not reality TV. This is real-life student politics, and nobody has time for rule-breaking shenanigans.

As the StuPa Storm continues, remember to keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on the prize: a fair, transparent, and accountable HSRW. Let's hope all these allegations, rebuttals, and investigations lead to a stronger, more just student government.


There’s one more thing to address — the attacks against COTR. Everything we put out here is based on facts and information handed to us, and we are a mirror reflecting transparency for all.

Unfortunately, COTR is facing unfair criticism and disrespectful jabs. Uncool, to say the least. Your opinion matters; keep it respectful. We inform, not incite. We urge you — yes, you reading this now — to be cool, play fair, and stay respectful towards all HSRW members in any group or organization.

We're collectively aiming for a better HSRW. Let's keep asking hard questions and uphold what's right, respectful, and just. As always, we're just an email, a comment below, or a dm on our socials away, ready to answer your questions and hear your concerns. Let's rise above the drama together.

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